Sipping My Tea… Milkshake Actually

Im a bit of a people watcher. I don’t really get involved in others lives unless I see things getting out of hand or someone asks for my help, but I do tend to be an ear for everyone to vent to. People just open up to me… I’m not really sure why. Anyway, I’ve come across a common problem, and maybe I have found a solution. Who really knows how life is going to pan out though? So, my little piece could mean nothing, or it could mean everything.

When people talk to me about their significant other, they talk about wanting to find someone that makes them happy, but is that right. You see, in my dealings and the dealings of others, I have noticed how difficult happiness is. To be honest though, can you really find happiness in someone else when you’re not really happy by yourself or even with yourself?

I think that people fail to realize that you are your number one priority. There are exceptions of course, with children, but you still matter. I know it’s hard, trust me I know. There are days when I look back and I realize that I am truly not happy with everything that’s going on, but I’m working on it. I mean, you can notice areas that need help all day long, but are you really doing anything to fix them.

I understand that everyone gets lonely, but why take your chaos and add more chaos to it, when you can fix your chaos first? It’s easier to fix your own problems by yourself before adding someone else’s problems to the mix. Then you get those that say “oh, well it’s better to work on problems together to build a stronger bond.” Ok, yes you’re right, it their are better things to bond over, like the problems that arise in the future when you’re together, not the baggage that you’re dragging along with you.

Well, this could all just be a rant, but in my mind it makes sense. You can’t really be happy with someone else until you’re happy with yourself.

Have a good one!!



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