Be Yourself

So I’ve been holding onto a topic for a while now. I’m not really sure why. I guess I was just waiting on the right time. Anyway, here it goes.

I cross paths with old friends all the time, and there is definitely no downside in seeing an old face. That’s mostly because I try to leave things in good standings no matter who you are… for the most part. Every time I cross paths with an old friend, I take a moment or two to evaluate everything about them. I look at physical changes, where they are in their life, how far they come, but the biggest thing I look at is who they are.

It’s great to see people who are exactly who they were when we last met, and it’s even better to see the great changes in some. What stops me in my tracks is those that change for others. It almost hurts to witness it.

I pride myself on being the exact same person all the time. I will be the same person here as I am there, with that person as I am with this person. That’s because who you are is the one thing that can’t be taken away from you. It’s a uniqueness that is woven through you. There are those cases though. Those cases where people find themselves in a situation where they give pieces of themselves to another, ultimately losing who they were.

I’ve watched strong friends who could conquer anything that is thrown their way become helpless individuals that rely on another. They gave so much of themselves away that they didn’t know what to do without that other person. Standing on the outside, I was amazed that this person that I once knew was completely different. All to a person that was actually not that great. Listening to their conversations and the way they were talked down to and treated terrible. It was hard to sit there.

I understand compromise to make things work, but one should never compromise who they are. I see the difficulty in wanting to be with someone so bad that you give certain things up, but your personality, your strength, your dedication, your self worth should never be compromised. Take care of yourself, and know when something isn’t for you.

Be wild, be independent, be strong, be smart, be selfless, be weird, but always be yourself!

Have a good one!



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