The Beauty of Chiang Mai

The final stop on this adventure landed us in Chiang Mai. There was something about this city that made it so much more than the others. Everything about it actually came so much easier too. I’m not sure if it was because we had already spent a ton of time exploring the country and now we were a little more experienced, or whatever else it may have been.

We started this mini adventure by exploring an array of temples, and being blessed by monks. The beauty was beyond words. The patience and imagination that went into the design of these masterpieces was breathtaking. There was something new around every corner. There were temples all around the city, and then there were some in the hills beyond the city. Everyone of them had something new to offer.

There were two activities that were the highlight of the entire trip, and both took place in Chiang Mai. We spent a morning with elephants, and the other… lets just say I received a final blessing from a Buddhist monk, but I won’t go into detail about it. It was an experience that words could not describe.

We woke up and rode an hour and a half on a Sunday to a sanctuary, a sanctuary dedicated to the protection and care of Asian elephants. We were provided with a quick lesson of the elephants and background on the program. We fed them, we played and bathed them in a little pond, we got them dirty again with a mud bath, and we took several pictures. The experience was amazing.

At this point of the trip I was a little over the trip, but I was excited to experience everything. If you have not been to Thailand, I recommend that you take some time and enjoy what this country has to offer. I highly recommend Chiang Mai though.

Have a good one!



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