Making the Most of Phuket

Our next stop in Thailand was Phuket, and right off the bat it wasn’t that great. Phuket was so much more expensive than Bangkok and there were so many more tourists. We made due though.

Our first stop on the journey was to see the biggest waterfall in Phuket followed by a visit to a gibbon rehabilitation camp. The waterfall was beautiful, and the gibbons were amazing. Right before we left, they sang. We didn’t think we would be able to hear it, but one got started and they all joined in.

We were involved in a moped accident that messed up an entire day. I was covered in scratches, scrapes, and what was soon to be bruises. It’s a long story, but I don’t think I’ll ever get back on a motorized two wheeled vehicle.

After accepting the fact that we were going to spend more than intended, we dove in. We went island hopping to see all the beauty that people referred to. We snorkeled, saw the island that the movie “The Beach” was filmed on, we saw so many temples, and so much more.

The highlight of this segment of our Thailand trip was our final hike. The day before we flew to Chiang Mai, we hiked up a hill or a mini mountain or whatever it was. At the end of this hour long hike that felt like a 90 degree incline was a Buddha that stood 42 meters high. Made out of white marble, he was absolutely stunning. We could hear the monks chanting from inside him, and watched the sunrise set behind him. On the way down, we saw a few monkeys too.

We learn in life that every day in life will have its ups and it’s downs, but I’ve learned not to dwell on those downs. Attempt to make the most of everything, no matter the situation.

Hang on for my final Thailand post in the near future. It’ll be my favorite.

Have a good one!



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