What Have I Done?

If you know me, you know that I absolutely hate the cold. It literally takes the air out of my lungs. I hate the way it makes me feel. I hate the way extra clothes make me feel constricted. I hate the way my skin loses its tan. Let’s just say, all together I hate the cold.

So, back when I updated my Air Force dream sheet, I was completely unaware at the mess I would get myself into by putting ‘Japan’ as a whole on my list instead of specifying the exact bases I wanted to go to. I also should have done my research on Japan too. So, really this is my own fault. I should have looked into the climate of all the bases in Japan before I put down the entire country of Japan.

I should have looked into the fact that Japan is the home of the snowiest city in the world. I walk outside and my body literally contracts. I feel the cold sooo deep in my bones. What was I thinking?

I mean, yes, Japan is a great place to live, and there is so much to see. Goodness, I could definitely do without the urge of wanting to light up a campfire everywhere that I go. The summer is gorgeous, and the winter I wish for the moment when I can feel my face again.

People are always saying that it’s not that bad. Let’s be honest here, you are two times my size, or you are from somewhere that it is cold, or whatever the case may be. I have given the cold its chance and we just cannot be friends. It just is not going to happen.


All in all. I screwed up, and I am about ready to turn one of the rooms in my house into a permanent fire pit.


Alright… Rant over!


Have a good one!



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