I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays to the fullest. I don’t care what you celebrate, or if you celebrate nothing at all, I hope that everything is going as best as it possibly could for you. I know on my end it isn’t going great but it’s still going good. All that really matters is that I’m alive, I’m getting things done, and whatever this upper respiratory nonsense that I’ve contract is hasn’t kept me completely out of it.

Anyway, we are literally days away from another new year, and I wanted to talk about something that almost everyone does. That’s make a new year’s resolution. Why do people do this? Why do people start something that most will not hold strong to? Why wait for a new year?

A few years back, I completely gave up on the whole resolution thing. I go into every new year the exact same way I left the last year. I found that I if I wanted to change something about myself, I should not put it off until a new year rolls in. if I wanted to change something about myself, I was going to start it right then in that moment when the thought crosses my mind. I mean, I have the power to do so. It is my life. These are my choices. So, why wait?

For example, I actually think it was November timeframe a few years back, someone mentioned that their resolution for the upcoming year would be to go back to school. I thought that was a brilliant idea, and that I wanted to do the same, but then the gear in my head started turning. Why wait when I could get ahead now? I went and signed up for school that day and was taking classes the first week of December. Of course, I dragged that other person along, and they signed up too, and then they were a little confused on what to do for a new resolution. I told them to simply forget about resolutions, and they haven’t made one since.

Every one of us has power over our own lives. We make our own decisions. There is no puppet master. So why wait things out when you can start making the changes that you want to make now instead of putting them off until tomorrow? Just make sure that whatever you decide to do, you stick to it. I have witnessed countless individuals start something, and then give up for a number of different reasons. The biggest reason, or should I say excuse is a lack of time. Let’s face it, if you really wanted whatever it was you were going after, you would make the time. There is always time and a way to achieve a goal.

Make these goals, or resolutions, or whatever you want to call them reasonable. Don’t set the bar so high that you just frustrate yourself to the point of giving up. If you already have, and you feel yourself getting to that point, just reevaluate. No one is going to judge you for making an unrealistic goal realistic. It just shows that you know what you’re capable of and you’re smart enough to know what is too much.

So, what do you say to cutting that new year new me nonsense, and starting whatever it is you want to do today? Be the boss, don’t let a new year define you, and simply enjoy yourself, because a New Year celebration only happens once a year.

I hope you all enjoy what’s left of the holidays, and achieve whatever goal it is that you set for yourself.


Have a good one!




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