A Moment to Progress

So, I have been offline for about a month now. Well, maybe a little longer. I apologize for my absence, but I think it was kind of needed. There was so much that needed to be done, and I accomplished a good majority of it.

So here is the run down. I took a week to leave Japan and visit home for just a little bit. It was there that I got the chance to recharge my batteries. I stepped away for reality for just a little bit, and I just existed. There was a minor moment when a patch in my past was ripped open, but I sealed it shut instantly. Trust me when I say that no one wants or needs that kind of negativity or chaos in your life.

Quick break- if there are people in your life that cause nothing but pain and heartache, consider closing their chapter in your book. No matter how close they are to you, your life will thank you later. You will learn to live without them fast as soon as you realize things become easier, less hurtful, and more positive.

I met with an old Air Force friend, a friend that is always a good time. There was a time when we were stationed in the same location and there were many many wild nights to recount. This go around, things were more mature than before. It’s pleasing to sit back and see how much you and others have grown as people. We sat and talked and we enjoyed a drink or two before we parted ways again.

Next on my stent of silence was training. There is always something that you will need in order for your career to progress, and a couple of weeks was what I needed. I learned many new things, got my hands dirty, but most important was the connections that were made. The training I took part in brought individuals from all around the world and put us under the same roof. Surprisingly, with all the different personalities, everyone was an adult and there were no serious complications, besides some harsh words being exchanged.

There were many more exciting things to recount from that month, and trust me when I say that you will hear about a good majority of them, but take something away from my quick recap. Take away that sometimes you need to make time for yourself to progress. There are several ways to progress, you must progress with yourself personally, you must progress within your career, you must progress with your family, you must progress socially, and so much more. Take the time to focus on those progressions, because each area of your life and yourself need it. you may be happy in your current situation, but I promise, once you sit back a look from the outside in, there is always something that could use a little growth.


Have a good one!



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