Back Porch Bliss

I found myself on the back porch. There’s nothing else going on. There’s no traffic buzzing by. There’s no planes flying over. There’s no talking in my ear. There’s just the sound of the breeze blowing all around me. How is it that in a world of chaos, I can find this one place of peace?

Growing up in several different homes there was never really one to call “home.” Moving from place to place at the military’s demand made making a home difficult. There was always that sense of “just be ready to pack it all up again.” In a way it’s kind of the same, but there are some things that have changed.

I found a group of people that provide that sense of home. No matter where they live or where they go, whenever I’m with them, I feel at home. I found a family. I found people that love me and accept me for who I am at any point in my life. They understand me, and they care.

No family is perfect, but when mine fell apart, or should I say exploded, I was taken in with open arms. No family is perfect, and I’m not sure mine will ever mend back to the way it was. I know that here, with these people, with my family, I feel more at home than I ever did in the past.

There’s drama and there’s chaos, but there’s also love and compassion. I find it strange that my family falling apart led me to a family and a home. Anyway, I’m happy and I hope the same for all of you.

Have a good one!



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