Missed Exponentially

My senior year of high school I packed my bag, and I headed for Houston. It was a spur of the moment trip, one that had me on edge, worried, and completely lost. You see, I had received a call informing me that a friend I held close to my heart was in the hospital. The world stopped. Forget school, forget work, forget it all! I had to get there.

This wasn’t just any friend. This was a friend I had shared my childhood with, a friend that created not just memories with me, but also with my family. She wasn’t a friend she was my family. We would spend nights, sometimes weeks, at my grandparent’s home. We got into so much trouble, and made such a fuss, but we were close as ever.

We had a secret hideout under the stairs with books, toys, and whatever else we could put down there without getting in trouble. Sometimes even the things that would get us in trouble. We were so spoiled, and we were so bad. My grandmother still tells me how it was routine for us to get a spanking before bed every night. Not in an abusive way, but in a we were bad and we needed to be disciplined type of way. We were a mess.

We played in the snow together, we watched movies together, we danced together, we did so much stupid stuff together, but we were kids.

As we grew up, there was still that inner child that would come out whenever we were side by side. That giggle of yours would go off and the entire room would smile. The moments with you are completely unforgettable!

So, if you couldn’t tell, hearing that she was in the hospital was devastating. She was my oldest friend. She knew more about me than anyone I’ve ever known. To be honest, she still does. There are conversations that were had between us that we wouldn’t share with the rest of the world. She was a gift to mankind.

Well, today marks the day. Today marks the day that you would have celebrated your 26th birthday with the world, but we are all left celebrating without you. We love you and we miss you sooo much. My mind wanders to you everyday, and you bring a smile to my heart every time.
I miss you exponentially!


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  1. This made my heart smile. Yes, the two of you were a mess, but loved to the max, no doubt. I’m glad you know the two of you were spoiled. It was sickening 😄. Rest easy sweet Jazzie! Happy birthday in heaven. We truly do love and miss you much. Love you Dom!💞 Thank you for this.
    P.S. That was mine and Quinn’s secret place when we were kids too.

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