Im a very self motivated person, or at least I like to think so. I’m also extremely dedicated to something once I get started, and my priorities are pretty much always set on right now. So, if you put those three together with my personality, let’s just say my coworkers and I have a love hate relationship. It’s not uncommon for coworkers, or anyone for that matter, to have just a slight bit of hatred towards me because I make a name for myself with almost everything I do, and there becomes large shows to fill. I truly can’t help it, it’s who I am. I like to get things done, I like to get them done fast, and I like to do it with a smile on my face.

The love comes from me getting done with my tasks and having the ability to help others. I absolutely have no issue helping others, as long as I’m not stuck doing all the work, or the individual has a negative attitude.

Something people fail to understand is that moods can be contagious. I try to always be in a good mood, and that’s because there is always someone else in the world going through something more difficult. A smile and a nice greeting could be all they need to turn their day around. No matter who it is, I tell them to smile before I leave. Simply putting a smile on your face is the start to turning things around!

Anyway, the other I got tasked to get something done, and I’m not going to lie, it was extremely last minute. This task required me to get things done and to get them done ASAP, because the services required were from an office that was closing shortly after I was tasked. Well my coworker, who was using my computer, had priorities elsewhere. In a way it frustrated me. What I needed to get done had a time limit, but what they were doing could have been done anytime over the next few days. They were not understanding that.

So, yeah, you can jump to conclusions, but don’t jump too far. I was heated. I was about ready to drag this person through the mud, but I didn’t. Instead, I decided to call it a day. I changed out of my uniform and went to the gym. As frustrated as I was, I refocused it all and prevented a headache further down the line. The next day I came in and worked a little harder than I would have the day prior, but I got it done.

Lesson to the story, we are all different. We all think differently, and we all place our priorities just a little different. As frustrating as it may be, sometimes you’re just stuck dealing with it. Instead of losing your mind; pack your stuff up and call it a day. 

There’s a lot in here, and it’s kinda all over the place as usual. It wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t. You get the point!

Have a good one!


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