Is Family Family?

In more lives than my own, there have been instances where your family isn’t really your family, but there are others that aren’t family that seem like your family. As harsh as it sounds, unfortunately it is true. It actually is a little unfair.How is it that the people that are supposed to be with you and support you through thick and thin are the ones that are the fastest to betray and take advantage of you? I don’t understand it. I have found myself building stronger connections with others than I would ever be able to build with some of the individuals in my family. In a way it makes no sense, but it’s life.

The strongest connections that I have made are the ones that are with people that have experienced situations like me. Situations where family have pushed you so far that it is nearly impossible to hold a relationship with them without getting hurt again. These connections have become family, or what I call family, and that’s because the bond is stronger than any actual familial bond that I have had.

Who knows, maybe one day things will change. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to have ties with family that are strong and not toxic. It’s not all of my family, and I can’t say that I do t love the ones that I’ve cut ties with. I can say that trust and respect must be built and earned again, and until that happens, I’ll be keeping my distance.
Have a good one!


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