The Spirit of Halloween

Everyone has their favorite holidays, well mine just so happens to be Halloween. As it gets closer, I get just a little more excited. There’s parties and nights out for the next two weeks. There is just something about Halloween that is better than other holidays to me. I mean, that’s if you even consider it a holiday. I know some don’t.

A few years back was actually when I took an interest in the spirit of Halloween. At one point in time it was just another day, at least that’s the way I was brought up. I was brought up with it being wrong, and well, whatever else. I’m not really sure anymore. I just learned to enjoy myself and the world around me. Life is way too short.

Anyway, I guess the reason I found Halloween to be more interesting than the other holidays was because of the creativity. Yes, there is a certain amount of creativity in all the other holidays, but they all are pretty much the same. Halloween is always different. People bring out their creative sides. There’s just something about it.

This year I have decided to take a character from one of my favorite childhood stories/plays and bring him to life. This will probably be one of my favorite years by far. I have had the idea for this year’s costume, and I have been looking for all the pieces for the last few months.

I know not everyone likes this holiday, but we can’t help what we enjoy, and I won’t argue with anyone over certain differences. We all have our favorites. For now, here’s a photo of my genie costume from a few years ago when I was super skinny. Oh, and peep the gypsy candy on my side. That’s an amazing friend that knows how to have  good time.


Have a good one!




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