Taking Control

I have been known to simply jump right into things. I jump right into volunteering and work and whatever else may be the case. I wasn’t always that way. I used to sit back and simply let others take the lead and do all the work. One day something just clicked, and now there’s a constant desire to be in charge or things, to be in control. Yes… I know. I have been called a control freak on several occasions.

I think it has something to do with me having a lack of control of my life for a period of time. That lack of control gives me the urge to control everything. In a way, it has painted a picture about me to others. Everyone knows that no matter what the task, I will more than likely take the lead and get stuff done. Yes, I listen to others opinions and work as a group. It’s just that the lead role fits so well, and there is never anyone who takes it from me or challenges me for it.

This obliviously has had its negative aspects. For instance, I tend to overwork myself or… other things that come with constantly taking control of things. I have done it for so long now that it has somehow become a part of me. So, I have been working to take a step back, actually it’s really a thought.

I started taking control of things because so many things were out of my control. I did it, and it took me a while to get there. “Grab the bull by the horns” they said. Well I did, and truly there are no regrets. I have taken control and it is a part of me now.

I understand where the complications may arise, but in all actuality, I’m happy. People also understand me, at least I think they do. Anyway, happiness is hard to find, so I’m sticking with this.

So, take control and live life!


Have a good one!




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