Be Happy!

So, it’s Friday in Japan, I’m currently standing in line to get breakfast burritos for my coworkers, and everything I wanted to write about in this post has escaped me. So I guess I can talk about the happiness in my life.It’s easy to focus on all the negative that goes on in your life, and that’s because it literally can be the most obvious to you at the time. I used to be so freaking negative, it was beyond belief. I have grown though. I have grown to know what makes me happy and to realize when I am happy, even when there is so much negativity in my life. I’m not hard to please, so some of the smallest things in life will make me happy, and I like it that way. That’s mostly because when something major and life changing comes along, I am so happy that it hurts.

So let’s get this list started. I’m definitely happy to have woken up this morning for starters, and happy that I was able to finish all my homework before I passed out last night. Then there’s the happy for being able to pursue an education and have a job that pays. It may not be an outstanding amount, but its constant and I’m comfortable. I’m happy to be in a job that I enjoy, it may not be the perfect job, but there are people there that make it worthwhile. I’m happy to have had the opportunities that I’ve had with travel and my career, and let’s not forget living in Japan. There is so much more to be happy about. The list is definitely way too long to continue on about.

This may sound like a “thankful” list to you, but in my mind yes I am thankful for these, but there’s more to it. If I am able to sit back and think about these on a bad day and they bring a smile to my face, then it makes me happy. Life can be so full and so busy all the time, and it makes it too easy to focus on the negative. Take a second to step back and realize everything you have to be happy about. Even in the darkest of times, there is always something that can put a smile on your face.
Have a good one!
Oh and I wrote this on my phone, which means grammar and spelling errors may be present. 


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