Lately I have been buying more poetry books, which in turn leads to me spending more time outside on my hammock. Well, I figured I would share a few of my favorites from the last week or so.


Some lose all mind and become soul, insane.

Some lose all soul and become mind, intellectual.

Some lose both and become accepted


  • Charles Bukowski


There is something

Flowing inside of you,

Growing, rooting from your bones.


I know you do not know what it is.

Neither do I,

But I know there is something there.


It is fucking beautiful.

It does not leave you alone.

It follows you, trailing

Behind you like a comet.


Burning and strengthening.

Lighting the night sky haunting it.


I can see you in the darkness.

I can see it moving.


No matter how far you go.

It is there.


Do not fear the things inside you, my love.


It is beyond the dirt.


Bloom like the flower

You were born to be.


  • Robert M. Drake


Run. For your life, for your joy, for your calm and peace

Of mind. Run. Because your legs are strong and your

Lungs are aching for the taste of air. Run. Because

What’s the point of a life spent walking in the middle?


  • Tyler Knott Gregson


Your detachment is my elixir

I want to inject the essence of you into my veins

And get lost in the quakes of your past

High off the levels you’ve been to

That I’ve never reached

Let me be your shadow

Always present, always watching, always listening

You are my addiction

So peaceful, so enticing, I’m borderline obsessed

I want to know you, no, I need to know

How is it that all my Life has led up to this moment?

Your eyes are piercing

I don’t shrink or hide

Light me on fire with them

You’ve already destroyed my mind

Might as well take my body with it

My mystery, my enchantment, how are you so many things to me

And yet nothing?


  • Samantha King


It is only four poems out of the so many books that I have read, but I hope you enjoy them, and they speak to you like they did me.


Have a good one!




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