Too Much to Handle!

As soon you meet me//

I was just recently in a conversation with some friends that I have known for a very long time, and the conversation went onto why I don’t have that many close friends. Their exact words were “if someone doesn’t really know you, you come off kind of annoying or irritation.” WOW! I mean, I guess I can see it.

I have been told that I have one of those personalities that require a certain amount of patience to deal with. When I’m up, I am really up. I mean this in a way that nothing will bring me down. I have all the energy in the world, and I am down for pretty much anything. I’m all smiles, laughs, and a good time. There is a flipside to it though. I can be serious and right to the point. I won’t take any garbage, and I won’t beat around the bush. It’s kind of like a get it done now kind of thing, I guess.

Those are really the two sides of Dom. More often than none you will see all smiles, and I guess that is what requires a certain type of patience. I can see it being a lot to handle. Really though, where does all this energy even come from? I have mild insomnia, so it’s not like I’m getting a full nights sleep. Any ideas? I would love to hear them!

Anyway, some have said that I am just too much to handle, and to be honest that is ok by me. We can’t please everyone, and we can’t be for everyone either. I took the conversation from my friends, and I didn’t let it bother me. Well, that’s a lie. It bothered me for about twenty minutes. After that I went into that “F It!” state of mind, and figured that if someone can’t accept me for who I am then so be it. I am happy with me, and if you aren’t… well, erase me from your mind and move on. I probably already have.


Have a good one!



\\you’ll wish that you never did


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