Random Thought: Musical Connection

What is it about music? You know those days when your simply just driving, and all of a sudden, a song comes on that connects to you. I’m talking about the one you have never heard, but you turn it up anyway. As the words go one, something resonates deep inside you. It is almost as if artist knew what your life was all about, and the radio played it at just the right time for you to hear it.

I don’t know what it is about music, but music has such a strong hold on my life. It brings back memories, both good and bad. It has influenced my mood several times, and it has helped me make connections with people in my life.

Have you ever been out somewhere and you know a handful of people there, and it just so happens that they wander off and you’re standing there by yourself? Well, I can’t say that it happens often to me, but it has happened a few times. Well, occasionally a song will come on and, well I’m a bit of a dancer when I’m out and about, I’ll ask someone to dance with me. This person could have no idea who I am, but I’ll ask anyway. I tend to do that with a couple people in the room, because just for that night, there is a connection made to start a conversation, to learn something about someone new. In some cases, the person will come back and ask me to dance with them again. If everything goes well, I haven’t just built a connection for that night, but a friendship.

I listen to music everywhere that I go, and pretty much with everything that I do. I listen when I wake up, in the shower, cooking, cleaning, at the gym, etc. There is almost always music playing. Sometimes people will stop and ask, “Hey what song is that?” Sometimes a conversation is sparked. It may be about that song, it may be about that artist, but a connection is made. It may be brief, but it could also extend past that very moment in time.

I have a music library that would play on forever, and it constantly growing. Sometimes I add music because I like a song, but sometimes it’s because there is something about it that connects to me. Once I hear it, I will play it over and over again for about a week, and then I’ll head back to shuffling through my library. Normally those conversations that I mentioned above are started over the songs that I have a connection with, because more than likely, that is what I am listening to at the time.

Music is a way for me to kind of take a step out of what’s going on around me and think about something else. It is kind of an escape. It helps me think, it helps me relax, it helps me get through certain struggles in life. I guess you can think of it as my form of therapy. It literally means an exceptional amount to me.

Sometimes I will get asked, “why do you listen to this,” or “what language is this?” Yes, there are songs in several languages in my library, and there are songs that you would never think I would listen to.  I do understand three languages. I may not be able to speak them as fluently as others, but I can understand them. Sometimes the song isn’t about the words either, sometimes it’s just about how the flow of everything makes you feel. Music does amazing things, and sometimes you just have to go with it.

Music is my out, it’s my way to meet new people, and it serves as more than just background noise.


Have a good one!



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