Flirting is Working?

Over the years many people have inquired about some of the objects I have obtained, experiences I have had the opportunity to enjoy, or simply how I achieved a certain goal. One thing I will not do is lie about it. Sometimes I will ignore the subject, or I will just brush it off as ‘right place right time.’ Now, I guess I will let you all in on how I get some of the things I want or find opportunities.

So, I am not saying I am the greatest looking person. I know I have my flaws. Trust me there are things about me that I am self-conscious about. For instance, the size of my forehead. The thing is literally like a football field. That’s why whenever I have control of the camera, my forehead will be cut off. My hairline isn’t moving back or anything like that. I just have a big freaking forehead. I just work the camera to my advantage and go on about my business.

Anyway, great looks or not, your opinion is your opinion. I have just learned to use them to my advantage. Some say it’s wrong, I say it’s using what genetics has given me when brains won’t get the job done. Now, yes, most of the time my brain will get the job done, but sometimes I’m just lazy. Yes, I use my looks to get what I want, but most of the time it’s really just flirting and giving someone attention. As much as people will deny it, you give someone just the right amount of attention and you’re set.

No, flirting does not mean sleeping with them. Get your minds out of the gutter. I simply give others attention in a way that makes them thing that they are getting what they want and in return I get what I want. This sounds terrible now that I am writing it, but so be it. I am not the only person on this planet to do it. I’m definitely not the only person to ever write about it either.

This tool, probably not the best term, was developed back when I was bartending as a second job. I learned that no matter who it was, yes that includes males, a flirtatious attitude and a smile goes a long way. By a long way, I mean filling my tip jar. I once thought it was only females that could do this, but I was wrong. I truly wasn’t expecting it in the Mexican restaurant I was working in. The biggest reactions I received were from married couples (big surprise). I would flirt with both of them, they think it was cute, and I end up with $50-$100 tips. That and I got asked to come home with a couple of them, but the answer was always no. My answer was always the same for single individuals to. I would never date a customer.

I’m not exactly sure how this came to. It just happened. I’ve received several gifts, opportunities, and achieved a couple goals utilizing this ‘tool.’ My question though, is it wrong? Technically, I’m not leading anyone on if I tell them upfront that the situation will not lead anywhere romantic. They may press for things to go that way, but after full disclosure and more rejection, the pressing stops. I don’t always have a set agenda either. Now that I’m not bartending, it’s more like, “hey, that person seems cool to talk to.” One thing leads to another they notice me looking at something, or I mention something, and then it’s in my hand shortly after.

I wouldn’t say its persuasion either. I know that when I was bartending, it was definitely flirting, but now… I have no idea what it is. Maybe its luck. Maybe it’s my personality. Maybe its… I have no freaking idea. The things I want just happen to make their way into my life. If anyone has any better explanation, I’m all ears. So, yeah, that’s how I have acquired so many of the things that I want, well besides working hard, and using my brain. This is MOSTLY for the little things, the materialistic things.


Have a good one!



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