High School

So we all attended this lovely thing called high school. Well, I can’t say “we all,” because it really doesn’t pertain to everyone. We literally have people on this planet that just test right out of it. I wonder if life is easier for people that are that smart. Anyway, back to the topic of high school.High school was the one place that I was in place for the longest. My mother was retiring and she figured that would be the place. It could have been better, it could have been worse. It’s an experience and I made it work. 

I went through this phase back then that I look at now that was just disgusting. I was super skinny and I looked kind of sick. I didn’t hit 100 pounds until my senior year, and I thought that was a good thing. I was happy being small. I would eat until I was full, but it wasn’t often. I probably ate until I was comfortable maybe once a day. I felt healthy, but in all actuality, I wasn’t. That, and I was working, and getting overtime frequently as well. So, I was always on the move.

Moving on, I was the guy with the curly hair that many wanted to touch. I had friends and I had people that talked bad about me. It’s probably the same for any high school. These friends were different than all my previous ones. It was a totally different atmosphere when we were together.

We were mean to each other, yet we were nice to each other. It was kind of a mutual understanding that this was how it was going to be. It was nice. Nice to have that break between the chaos at home, the chaos at work, and the normal school day.

Yeah there were more friends here and there, but there were really three that meant the most. I’m talking lunch frequently, copying homework, doing each other’s homework, and just constant trash talk. They were it.

We talked about music, and laughed at the inability of other’s ability to sing. We talked about other people. We talked about terrible and inappropriate things. That was how our friendship worked though.

Thinking on high school now, I wish I would have done more than I did to prepare for today. Goodness, I wish the curriculum did more for me to prepare me for today. That’s how it works though. You literally breeze through high school, or struggle depending on who you are, and then you come out and struggle more. They literally teach you nothing about the real world.

If I could go back there are many things I would change, for instance my weight, but there are things, like certain friends, that I wouldn’t. I’m really just glad I went through it without any major incidents.
Have a good one!



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