Random Thought: Short People Problems

It seems as though the only people that have a problem with me being short is other people. I mean yeah, there was a point in my life when I wished to be anything but short, but now… not so much. I remember when I was younger I used to pray every night just to be tall. As many of you know, that never happened, and then one day I was ok with it.My father just happened to be six foot something. Way over the US male average of five foot ten inches. My mother on the other hand sits just an inch taller than me. So somewhere in the mess we call a genetic pool, I pulled out the lucky numbers of five foot four inches. It’s funny how genetics work sometimes.

People say oh you can’t reach this, and you can’t reach that. Or how often do you get confused with a child? It gets old after a while but eventually you learn to just ignore the comments and move on.

I’ve learned to adjust to my height. While I’m not as short as the shortest person on earth, there are still challenges. I can jump and climb, but if I don’t feel like doing so, I own several step stools. And yes, I have been mistaken for a child here or there, but I find those more hilarious than anything else. And the fact that I still get asked for my ID occasionally when I go out makes me feel good about myself. I don’t think that has anything to do with my heigh, but whatever.

Being short also comes in handy when I’m out running trails. If you know me, you know I love to run. You see branches don’t hit me in the face. Definitely a huge plus. That and spiders tend to build webs in those branches. Me and spiders are not friends. So in the end, I’m winning there.

You can also find me in the front row of pictures and easy to spot. It’s also easy to find hiding places, if I ever needed one. Oh, and I also enjoy having plenty of room wherever I travel, because I don’t need extra room for my legs.

I get asked how difficult it is to shop for a short person. Well to be completely honest, I feel like it would be harder to shop for a tall skinny person than it would be for a short skinny person. You see, our size is like a middle phase. Meaning people grow through our size, so they have to make clothes for us. Now tall that’s at the complete opposite end of the scale. If you’re not understanding this, I apologize, it sounds clear in my head.

Anyway, there are definitely more perks to being a short person than I listed, and definitely more perks to outweigh the negatives. I enjoy being short, and I think all short people should. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with tall people, but the perks to being short are endless.
Have a good one!



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