Life as a Brat

Growing up as a military brat had its ups and it had its downs. For starters I can say that I’m pretty well cultured, but I can also say that I don’t have home with marks on the wall to show how much I’ve grown. I get told very often that I’m very lucky for everything that I’ve experience, and they are right, but I think they are also the lucky ones.They are the lucky ones because they got to grow up in the same same town with the same friends. They are lucky because they have a house that holds all of their memories. They have a place that they can call home. They didn’t have to restart their lives every so often because of a move.

When it comes down to it though, it is nice to say some of the things that I’ve done. I’ve gone to so many schools that rumors had no opportunity to start and make their way around. I’ve met some pretty amazing people. I’ve traveled the world. I’ve learned so much.

I think the two hardest things of all were the goodbyes and the not having a steady home. Goodbyes are goodbyes, but as you get older you realize that they are exactly what they mean. Some friendships and connections don’t make it past the move. As much as you say you’ll stay in contact, it doesn’t always happen. People fall off, we all make new friends, and old friendships become the past. 

I find myself having conversations with individuals that grew up in the same home their entire childhood. I just sit there thinking to myself, because it would have been nice not to have the movers break my stuff every time we move. It would have been nice not having to say goodbye and start all over. It would have been nice to not have to adjust to an new curriculum with every move. I would love to have the ability to paint my walls in a home that I could call mine and have every memory there. Life didn’t work that way for me though.

Instead I said my goodbyes and hellos with every move. I learned how to adjust to anything that is thrown my way. I learned new languages. I met amazing people. These moves became a part of me. They helped shape who I am today.

I’m pretty sure that the constant moving has a lot to do with my commitment issues and my lack of emotion, but that’s a story for another day. All in all, I can take away a lot from moving around so much. I regret none of it, but sometimes I’m left wondering what life would be like if I wasn’t a military brat. One can wonder.
Have a good one!



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