This is me!

My name is Dom, and this is me. I was born to two now retired military members that divorced long before i was born. That being said, there was a lot of travel in my life. I have done so much, but i have seen so much more. There are stories to share, and there are some that i wish i could but don’t belong to me. I have so many experiences to share in hopes that that touch someone, or maybe even help.

I grew up moving from place to place, wherever the military took me. I traveled with one parent and then would travel with another. I can tell you, like with most divorced couples, most of my time was spent with my mother. In a way that hindered the relationship I had with my father, but in the end everything that happens helps you become who you are today.

With every move, and with every set of new friends there was one home that was always steady and the same. That was my grandparent’s home. Whenever a parent would get deployed or stationed somewhere i couldn’t go, i ended up there. You know how they say “home is where the heart is,” well i believe it’s “home is where you feel most comfortable.” No matter the time apart, or my age, they always treated me the same, and the love never changed.

Time went on, and eventually my mother had my little sister. This little girl became the biggest pain in my butt, but through everything, she is the reason i do everything i do. If there’s one person i want to show how you go about getting what you want in life and how not to give up, it’s her. Together we traveled the world as children of a single mother. We went through so much, and goodness were there some troubled times.

Times got tough, but we managed together. We may not have gotten along well then, but we definitely do now, and we lean on each other and have a bond that is unbreakable.


I feel as if this post is all over the place and pieces are missing. Give me time, and i promise they will all fit together and will be more interesting.

Have a good one!



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