Random Thought: Short People Problems

It seems as though the only people that have a problem with me being short is other people...


Life as a Brat

Growing up as a military brat had its ups and it had its downs. For starters I can say that I'm pretty well cultured, but I can also say that I don't have home with marks on the wall to show how much I've grown...


Adventure: Portugal

For my sixth and seventh grade years my mother worked in Portugal, and she brought me and my sister with her...


The Product of Divorce

I previously stated that I am the product of a failed relationship, but not just any relationship. The relationship of two now retired military parents...


Random Thought: Six Degrees of Separation

I am a firm believer in the theory known as Six Degrees of Separation. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s a quick run-down...


This is me!

My name is Dom, and this is me. I was born to two now retired military members that divorced long before i was born...


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